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Yesterday, two (!) people confessed that they are reading my blog with the help of google translator. How awful, poor souls! I checked the translation on my recent articles, and it is simply wrong. Many things can be misinterpreted, for example it looks like I bought some cigarettes for a prostitute! No such thing happened. Actually I listened to a conversation by some pimp-looking guys who complained about cigarette prices, and refused to buy more cigarettes for the prostitute that was waiting outside the shop.
Anyway, let’s see what happened the next day. Again I rode my bicycle to work, and stopped at the RIMI supermarked that’s on the way, to get some food for lunch.

It’s dark and cold in the mornings, just a little over freezing point. Anyway, some drunk guy comes to me and starts to ask – you speak russian? What do you want, I reply and he starts to ask me for money and cigarettes. As usual with these people. So I tell him, sorry man – I don’t smoke, and I only use credit cards. I suppose you don’t take credit cards, do you? Of course he was frustrated by the problems of the modern world, where cash is no longer popular, and went on to ask some other people.

I bought some frozen food and some sandwiches, came out of the store – and there he was again, asking me the same stuff.

Seriously, man – I wore my reflective vest, and was probably the only guy in a kilometer radius with a bicycle at this early hour, how stupid can you be, you asked me already!

It’s just over 3200km on my bike computer this year, and I had plans to get at least 200 more, but now they are saying that next week we will have snowstorms and temperature drops of up to -20C. I somehow doubt that, but that’s what they are saying, and if they are right – bicycle riding would become a little more difficult. I would need to wear contact lenses again, because glasses tend to freeze over from the warm breath.

To all the Americans reading this – nope, we don’t live near the north pole, temperatures like -20C only happen once a year, for a week or two, and is just as uncomfortable as for anyone 😉 Summers are hot.

Today I saw the first truck with Christmas trees in the trunk, so for me personally, this is the first sign that Christmas is near. I don’t go to supermarkets too often, and either don’t watch TV or ignore the advertisements, so “Christmas is commercialized” doesn’t apply in my world. When I was in that RIMI store, they were playing the “It will be lonely this Christmas” the second day in a row, but that’s the only sign I have seen so far.

Maybe I should finally start shopping for presents?

2 Comments on “A post in some foreign language

  1. There we go. Now I can tell what’s happening!
    I though you were giving cigarettes to a prostitute…hehehe…it was confusing!

    Wow, the Google translator really is terrible. I had no idea you were talking about your bike either.

    Christmas is commercialized, but who really cares? It only affects you negatively if you let it…if you keep it about family and friends, then it doesn’t matter!

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